Saturday, March 29, 2008

The book of Minors

I eventually did receive the reprint of The Minors of Virginia, published in 1926, by John B. Minor. Of course, that is not the John B. Minor, who died thirty years prior.

But, he is in there, along with Virginia Minor, William Lewis Herndon, Matthew Fontaine Maury, John Minor Maury, William Andrew Quarles, James Minor Quarles, Charles Minor Blackford, and William Minor Lile.

And, Charles Landon Carter Minor, the head man of what became the University of Maryland, and then what became Virginia Tech, where he got in a fistfight with James H. Lane.

I liked the reference to Judge Quarles of Tennessee, whose report to the tax assessor included ten children and one skillet.

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Leslie said...


I came across your site and thought I'd leave a brief post.

My last name is Minor. I recently came into possession of a letter from John Botts Minor to my great grandfather, Lucian L. Minor of Trinity, Alabama.

I would be interested in leads to any other source material that you might have, and am more than willing to share what little I have with you.

Bill Minor