Monday, September 15, 2008

On arguing tomorrow in the Sixth Circuit

It says here that the panel who will hear my argument (right here in Cincinnati) tomorrow includes Judges Clay and Kethledge, and District Judge Oliver from the N.D. Ohio.

Having requested oral argument in this Title VII case, and feeling lucky to get it, I can only hope that the opportunity to advance the case is not wasted.

And, I did eat the chili at 7th and Vine (but only a three-way).


Anonymous said...

We had a Skyline on campus at UK. Hard to say how many three-way chili dogs I had over four years. Sadly, it went away for some reason.

James Young said...

A colleague of mine (Bruce Cameron) is also arguing in the Sixth Circuit this week, Steve. Seems like a big week for Title VII in the Sixth Circuit.

James Young said...

You should also try la Maisonette behind the courthouse. I last ate there in 1991, but it was a great restaurant then.