Monday, October 27, 2008

Should teachers be allowed to wear their Obama pins at school?

Julie Hilden opines here that they should.

She writes:

"Rather than pretending to a false neutrality, teachers should put their views on the table and let students challenge them. Otherwise, we'll be in the anomalous position of having English and History teachers instruct students about how writers and speakers convey their political views, explicitly and implicitly -- while at the same time forcing the teachers to falsely deny that they themselves ever hold or convey such views."

That would be fine, except that the teachers always get the last word - grades, the starting lineup on the ballfield, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Political speech must be protected. We know from surveys that most of our academic community in colleges and public schools are Democrats. It is better to have them openly show their loyalty than to simply have them inserting overt and oblique references to their political preferences all day long.

When professors and administrators cross the line and discourage conservative political views, like is the common practice at the Richmond Center for Leftist Indoctrination (formerly University of Richmond) then students and parents MUST withdraw their support and demand changes to restore an environment where the pursuit of TRUTH is held sacred.