Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No - thank you

In response to this post, I received this:

"Steve - I was checking something on Google tonight and saw your post. It sure meant a lot to me. The race on saturday was my third marathon but my first in 10 years. It was very hot (77 deg) and humid - and I found myself badly dehydrated by mile 20. At mile 22 it was so bad I was unable to continue running and had to walk for a bit - but it wasn't long before another played the role of inspirer and got me going again. I got 8 cups of water down at the next stop and came back to life (a bit) and made the last three miles. The last few hundred yards were as emotional of an experience as I've had.

So it was my slowest marathon of the three, but easily the most rewarding.

I thought you might like to see the newspaper story that ran about my dad when he died, by the way. http://www.stpaulsnn.org/new_minister.php

All the best to you, and bless you for your note.


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