Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On federal questions

Here from the Weekly Standard is another article commenting on the comments of Judge Wilkinson of the Fourth Circuit and Judge Posner of the Seventh Circuit on the Supreme Court's D.C. gun decision in Heller.

Here is somebody's account of the Fourth Circuit's decision last year in U.S. v. Buckner, regarding search of a home computer, and affirming a decision by Judge Wilson of the W.D. Va.

Judge Richard Williams ruled against the Commonwealth in the case of the soldiers' ballots from overseas, according to articles such as this one. This story says the General Assembly is going to modify the laws prohibiting the wearing of campaign stuff in the polling place, which laws might otherwise violate the First Amendment.

Here is a goofy Washington Post story on squabbling among my good friends on the Sixth Circuit, and here are here are comments on the Post's story.

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