Friday, April 18, 2003

More on Senator Stolle's ethics charge against former judge Askew

The Washington Post has this story, which notes that "Stolle's complaints threatened to revive the partisan and racial furor that dominated much of the winter legislative session, when Republican-led committees questioned Askew about whether she had failed to disclose a sexual harassment complaint involving her that was eventually settled by the nearby city of Hampton." The article notes that "Stolle said he had filed similar complaints against sitting judges and lawyers seeking judgeships, including one this spring against a Republican judge who failed to disclose his arrest for soliciting a prostitute. That southwest Virginia judge was forced from the bench."

As described here, an angry Democratic Senator and Askew supporter has demanded an immediate meeting of the Senate Courts of Justice committee to have Senator Stolle explain his actions.

Senator Stolle is a former police officer and is now a partner in the Norfolk law firm of Kaufman & Canoles.

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