Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Veto session scoreboard

Apparently, the governor's vetoes of the estate tax (SB 1123, HB 2490) and the "Choose Life" license plate (HB 1406) were sustained.

The governor's recommendations on the parental consent for abortion bill (HB 1402, SB 1124), the "partial birth infanticide" bill (HB 1541, SB 1205), and the definition of "mental retardation" in death penalty cases (HB 1923) were rejected.

The Washington Post has this report, titled "Warner Blocks Repeal of Virginia Estate Tax," and this report, titled "Va. Lawmakers Uphold Limits on Abortions." The AP reports here "Veto stands on "Choose Life" bill; abortion amendments rejected." The AP also reports here that "Senate OKs amendment delaying enactment of 21-day rule bill."

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