Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Front Royal finally votes on Wal-Mart

In Southwest Virginia, Abingdon-area residents have taken note of the zoning dispute in Front Royal regarding development of a new Wal-Mart - where the resolution had been stalled for lack of quorum. As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports here, one of those who had previously disqualified himself, re-qualified himself, so there was a quorum of the Front Royal town council to vote for the rezoning sought by Wal-Mart.

In Abingdon, anti-Wal-Mart activists are urging the Town Council to make sure that changes to the zoning ordinance are in place to keep Wal-Mart out of town, before the developers can claim they have vested rights. One issue is the odd and dangerous configuration of the interchange at the nearby exit of the Interstate - I have often wondered, what were the roadbuilders thinking when they build it as it is?

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