Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Landowners sue Virginia town challenging validity of historic district

As reported here, landowners in the Town of Washington (home of the Inn at Little Washington) in Rappahanock County are suing because the local historic district laws prohibit them from building a new house on their property.

The discovery requests, served with the complaint, include the following:

"In papers accompanying the lawsuit, the Worleys requested the issuance of subpoenas to Architectural Review Board member Susan Babcock, Town Council member Claudia Mitchell and the Inn at Little Washington seeking documents "relating" to the lawsuit.

Computers belonging to Babcock and Mitchell were also being sought "for inspection and analysis" and were to be delivered to the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Clerk, according to the subpoena request.

Babcock and Mitchell were also asked to provide documents relating to any visits to the Inn at Little Washington "as invitee, patron or guest" since July 26, 2002, the date when the Worleys first applied for approval for construction of their house.

The Inn at Little Washington was also asked to supply documents and receipts relating to any council members, ARB members or any other town official who has been "a customer, guest or patron" since July 26, 2002."

So, if you can beat them, really annoy them.

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