Sunday, August 10, 2003

More on prayer at Chesterfield County board of supervisors' meetings

This opinion piece recites the following:

"Officials in Chesterfield County still don’t get it. So a few weeks ago a priestess of the Wiccan religion took them to court, challenging the “prayer policy” as a violation of religious freedom. It seems that the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors has decreed that “Judeo-Christian” prayers are constitutional – apparently because they are part of something called “American civil religion.” And since they worship one God, Muslims have been added to the list. Other faiths with deities that don’t pass muster – including Wiccans, Hindus and Buddhists – need not apply."

The piece concludes that "The day a court orders Chesterfield County to add a Wiccan priestess to the prayer list will be the last day of prayer at a board meeting."

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