Sunday, September 07, 2003

Commentary on immigrants' lawsuit against Virginia colleges

The Washington Times has this commentary bashing the lawsuit brought against Virginia's public colleges and universities over the issue of the admission of illegal aliens. At issue is whether the schools should have followed the Attorney General's opinion, in which "Mr. Kilgore recommended that all colleges in the state deny admission to individuals who cannot prove they are legally in the United States."

The Times concludes with the following:

"In short, MALDEF and the lawyers at Arnold & Porter surely realize that there is no constitutional problem with Virginia's decision to bar illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-subsidized higher education in the state. Their real hope, doubtlessly, is that if they can find an ideologically like-minded federal judge willing to stand the law on its head on behalf of illegal immigrants and the political agenda of open borders, they can legally subvert the law."

I wonder which judge will hear the case.

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