Thursday, October 23, 2003

Hey, I got my Blogger sweatshirt

Those in the know about Blogger know that they sold us something, then decided to give it away for free, and those of us who paid for it get a sweatshirt instead of a refund, or something like that. Well, I put in for the sweatshirt, and it arrived at the house today.

Now, I don't remember how much money was involved, and anyhow, where else could I get a Blogger sweatshirt for any price? It even says Google on the sleeve.

Years ago, the old law firm had a picnic, and when I arrived there, one of my bosses said to me, "Steve, only you would wear a law review t-shirt to a firm picnic." My response was: "in this group, only I would have one." Maybe I'll find an appropriate venue one of these days to have some fun wearing my new sweatshirt.

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