Thursday, October 23, 2003

Profile of Judge Glen Conrad, newest judge in W.D. Va.

On Monday, the Roanoke Times published this article on Judge Glen Conrad, who was appointed by President Bush to succeed Judge Turk.

Among other things, the article notes that Judge Turk wanted Judge Conrad to have his seat on the bench, and describes the ties between the two and the late Judge Dalton, all from Radford:

"The ties between Conrad and Turk go back to Radford, where Conrad's mother, Selma Conrad, taught elementary school for decades. She taught several of Turk's children, Turk said. Conrad's father, James Conrad, worked at the post office in Radford. Both have since died.

Conrad first spoke at length with Turk while writing his senior thesis on the Republican Party in Virginia while attending the College of William and Mary. During his time at the university, Conrad also donned a costume to work at Colonial Williamsburg.

After Conrad graduated from law school, Dalton and Turk hired him as a federal probation officer and law clerk.

Soon after, Conrad was named U.S. magistrate in Abingdon. He worked with Allen and Cynthia Kinser, now a Virginia Supreme Court judge. He then moved to Charlottesville, where he met his future wife, Mary Ann. She is prominent in the Republican Party, Turk said."

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