Tuesday, October 28, 2003

On the 100th birthday of Evelyn Waugh

Via Southern Appeal, this post (laden with other links) says that the British author Evelyn Waugh would have been 100 years old today on October 28, "the holy Ramadan of the Anglophilic right."

I must confess I've probably reread Brideshead Revisited 20 times - a book that I stole from a pile my in-laws planned on throwing out or giving away. I would not have thought that I was of the "Anglophilic right"; maybe the appeal is that Sebastian Flyte (like another of my favorites, Inspector Morse) was sent down from Oxford, and Oxford is close by to Abingdon, which has the same name as the Virginia town where I've lived mostly since 1969. (That may be the lamest Southwest Virginia connection yet attempted in this blog.)

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