Thursday, October 02, 2003

Still more on the law schools vs. DOD

This article says more on the law schools suing Department of Defense over the threat that they will lose federal money if they discriminate against military recruiters. It notes that the lawyers for the law schools include David Rudovsky - I've heard him speak on section 1983 litigation.

One thing I wonder about - in my law school class, there were a few military people who were going on to serve in the JAG corps somewhere. I wonder what they think about their own services being discriminated against by the law schools. What is the nature and origin of the First Amendment rights of law schools anyhow? Who does the speaking - is it the faculty, or the administration, or the student body? I wonder whether any of those law school plaintiffs are state schools. What happened to the interest in diversity that justifies affirmative action? Shouldn't they want all kinds of employers represented and to attract students who are interested in all kinds of employers? The law schools' lawsuit sounds like nonsense and hypocrisy to me.

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