Wednesday, December 03, 2003

On the rights of employees with histories of substance abuse

In Raytheon Co. v. Hernandez, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the employer and reversed the Ninth Circuit in a case dealing with the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act to employees with histories of substance abuse.

As reported in this AP article ("Court Rules on Workplace Rights Issue," 12/2) by Gina Holland, the Court decided the case on narrower grounds than some employers had hoped.

Odd notes: (1) This is one of the cases that is included in the Supreme Court Fantasy League prognosticating contest, and I am happy to report that I picked it correctly, although I guessed the margin would be +5. I mention this since it may never happen again that any of my picks are correct.
(2) It is solely thanks to How Appealing that I have begun to pay attention to who is whom among the different major media reporters on the Supreme Court. The only one I would have known before I started reading How Appealing was David Savage from the LA Times, and that from his appearances at events that were shown on C-Span. The Bashman post to Savage's article on this case for the LA Times (registration required) is here.

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