Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Woody on Word documents from the Virginia Supreme Court

In this week's edition from Woody's Office Watch, he includes the following paragraph:

"A WOW-MM reader pointed me to an entire collection of documents posted by one state's Supreme Court. I didn't see anything particularly damning in the documents, but they're strewn with names and email addresses of clerks, law firms, and individuals; file locations, server names, and so on - a few hours' worth of harvesting could lead to a credible blueprint of sections of this Supreme Court's word processing system."

I'm not naming names, but he could be talking about the Word versions of the opinions of the Virginia Supreme Court, available on the Virginia Judiciary website. The webmasters ought to get with the program and post the Supreme Court opinions in PDF format, as is now being done for some of the Virginia Court of Appeals opinions.

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