Thursday, January 08, 2004

Ben takes on W&M President Tim Sullivan again

In this post, Ben Domenech says that the president of the College of William & Mary has sent some strange e-mails to critics of limitations on campus speech at the College. Not just Ben, but the Volokh Conspiracy has a link to this post with the same subject matter, and the Conspiracy's own post makes it sound like this is reason enough to NOT GO to the law school at William & Mary (where Sullivan is on the faculty and used to be dean). There is also this post from Discrimination on the same subject.

The comments attributed to President Sullivan are very troubling, but what I always wanted to have investigated is whether President Sullivan (seen here) was actually Captain Kangaroo (shown here) back when I was a kid. (As to Captain Kangaroo, it says here that he did not really fight the Japanese on Iwo Jima as Lee Marvin's sergeant in the Marines.)

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