Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Caught by the Under Toad

Ben Domenech has this post blasting the toad swallowers who voted for tax hikes in the Virginia House of Delegates this week.

Unfortunately, I am distracted by the use of "toad". The Under Toad is a notion that I read about years ago in The World According to Garp and it has yet to escape my imagination, the story (explained more fully here) was one of the sons heard warnings of the undertow at the shore and misheard the adults to be saying there was an "Under Toad" lurking in the water just off the beach. Garp and the musical The Phantom of the Opera ("A toad, madam? Perhaps it is you who are the toad") and a ceramic object my dad once bought us for the yard, sort of an upside down pot (the Toad Abode) are the three things that automatically come to mind at any mention of the word, "toad."

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