Tuesday, April 20, 2004

V-P Chaney almost comes to Ninth District to endorse Triplett as good horse flesh

The Roanoke Times reports here ("Dick Cheney gives speech at fund-raiser for Triplett," 4/20/04) and the Richmond paper reports here ("Cheney boosts underdog in 9th," 4/20/04) and the AP reports here that Vice-President Dick Cheney made it as far as Roanoke, which is not in the 9th District, to give a speech for Republican candidate Kevin Triplett, who is running against Rep. Rick Boucher.

The AP story quote the Vice-President as saying, "I've come to recognize good horse flesh."

UPDATE: Here is the text of the Vice-President's speech from the White House website - apparently the good horse flesh was Congressman Bob Goodlatte, or Congressman Bob Goodlatte is also good at recognizing it.

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