Saturday, April 24, 2004

Well-known Roanoke attorney disbarred for kiting checks

According to this report ("Roanoke attorney disbarred for check kiting," 4/24/04) in the Roanoke paper, attorney Sam Garrison has been disbarred for check-kiting.

Describing Garrison, the article says: "Garrison, 64, a former Roanoke commonwealth's attorney, U.S. vice presidential aide and Watergate counsel, has been one of the city's most legally adventurous lawyers. He has sometimes been one of its most troubled, too. In 1981, he gave up his law license after a federal embezzlement conviction. The Virginia Supreme Court reinstated the license 11 years ago." More recently, Garrison has been a leading advocate in Roanoke for gay rights issues, and recently represented a group of men arrested in a Roanoke park in a constitutional challenge to Virginia's sodomy laws.

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