Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bristol TN recall - boon or bust

The Bristol paper has this interesting article ("Recall brings moderate change according to analysts," 8/8/04) quoting such experts as Professor Sabato and Bristol 2020 leader Pete Holler on the question of whether the recall in Bristol accomplished much of anything.

Pete Holler said:

"We feel the recall effort was verified by the voting public, with the high turnout and the fact that more than half of voters voted for someone other than the three recalled candidates."

By that standard, Bob Dole in 1996 was "verified," as more than half voted for someone other than Bill Clinton, with a split vote.

Professor Sabato said:

"It’s not uncommon for incumbents to be defeated in every local election these days," he said. "The fact that all but one incumbent was returned to office – and the fact that he lost by a small number of votes – suggests the desire for change was not that widespread."

Also, the new man who got in denies any connection between his campaign and Bristol 2020. Earlier in the week, he was quoted as saying, "There was a lot of speculation that Bristol 2020 backed my campaign, but that is absolutely false. They did not."

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