Sunday, September 12, 2004

McSweeney explains the vast gay conspiracy

Just as Al Gore speculates on a conservative moment triggered by a memo written by Lewis Powell, Patrick McSweeney traces the "gay agenda" to a particular writing in this column, which among other things says this:

"Gay activists have now launched a campaign to dig into the personal lives of all legislators who supported Virginia's 2004 law banning civil unions. They are looking for any rumor or suggestion of questionable private conduct so that these despised lawmakers can be outed - whether the allegations involve homosexual conduct or other behavior that might prove embarrassing."

Somehow, this makes me think of the famous story of Claude Pepper from Florida:

"It was the 1950 Florida primary campaign for the U.S. Senate when George Smathers challenged incumbent Claude Pepper. In his campaign, Smathers targeted Pepper's unrestrained liberalism—before liberalism became a dirty word—and the fears of uneducated voters.

In a classic campaign speech in rural northern Florida, Smathers told his audience that Pepper was 'a shameless extrovert' who was known to have engaged in 'nepotism' with his sister-in-law, 'whose sister was once a thespian' in wicked New York City, and who was acknowledged to have 'practiced celibacy' before his marriage."

Yeah, and I bet his brother was a philatelist.

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