Sunday, September 12, 2004

More on truth, from a reader's mother

As a first for this blog, I offer a link to this essay, which relates somewhat to the earlier post full of editorials about what is truth, and strangely, it was written by the mother of an actual sometimes reader of this blog.

She writes:

"It's easy to find truth in what someone else has written and then pass it on as an expression of our own opinion. The trouble is, one click on 'forward' at a time, shades of gray tend to fall away, and pretty soon the opinions of other people­ those who craft these apparently irresistible nuggets of propaganda­ become my own."

Ah, so the fault lies not with Fox News, but with e-mail? Perhaps so; my own e-mails are notoriously abrasive, and that's accordingly to the people who send me notes about things like fresh donuts in the office kitchen. The son might say no, it is Fox News.

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