Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The dogs on the porch

Com. Conservative has this post collecting the articles from today's paper in which Attorney General Kilgore had some fun things to say about the prospects of Senator Kerry winning votes from rural Virginians, including comments about a dog and a porch.

As for your dogs and porches, my grandma in Christiansburg had a great collie named Brownie whom she allowed in on the screened porch on a hot summer's day, where he spied me sneaking Hershey bars from the refrigerator but accepted chocolate bribes in return for his silence (probably I poisoned him to death and never knew it), and the other grandma's last dog Meg, sort of a border collie, generally hopped off the front porch, barking and retreating, when somebody came to the house because she didn't like strangers (and wasn't too sure about the familiars).

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