Sunday, October 24, 2004

Profile of successful Virginia trial lawyer

The Richmond paper has this article ("Law firm's gamble paying off big," 10/24/04) on attorney P. Christopher Guedri, who evidently is tearing it up for the Allen firm.

The article says in part:

"Just last month, he had the distinction, believed to be unique in Virginia, of helping win two million-dollar jury verdicts in a week.

In the first, a three-day trial ended with a $2 million award for a man who incurred $185,000 in medical bills after the car in which he was a passenger ran into the rear of a tractor-trailer on U.S. 460 in Prince George County. Guedri and a partner, Elizabeth M. Allen, successfully contended that the truck driver was negligent because he had stopped his vehicle at midnight in the left westbound lane to investigate something that had hit a side window of the rig.

In the second case, tried three days later with associate J. David Douthit, a car rear-ended by another tractor-trailer crossed the median on U.S. 1 south of Ashland and crashed almost head-on into a car driven by Guedri's client. The trucking company admitted it was at fault, and the jury returned a $1 million verdict after hearing testimony that the client, a self-employed painter, had significant injuries, including damage to a knee that required its reconstruction.

Guedri made the closing arguments in both cases, and a frequent adversary, Stanley P. Wellman, said Guedri has a well-earned reputation for persuading juries to return large verdicts."

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