Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Roanoke paper jumps on the Gate City election

Sunday's Roanoke paper has this article ("Small-town election, big-time trouble," 2/20/05), this article ("Testimony appears to show violations of election law," 2/20/05), and this article ("Controversy likely won't affect Jerry Kilgore's campaign," 2/20/05) by Laurence Hammack on the Gate City town election, and subsequent litigations and investigations, citing Ms. Kilgore and Gerald Gray and Henry Keuling-Stout, among others. The special prosecutor, Joel Branscom, is quoted as saying a lot of Gate City people seemed to be out of town on that Election Day.

Professor Sabato is quoted as saying that he doesn't think the election dispute will have much effect on the campaign for governor. For one thing, "Ninety-five percent of Virginians have never heard of Gate City, and couldn't find Scott County on a map."

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