Saturday, March 19, 2005

On 3.14159, etc.

Last week was Pi Day, 3.14.

For the occasion, I should have worn the old hoodie I have on now. On the front it says "PI R MINOR." On the back, it says "BUCKSKINS 1981 SECTION 2 CHAMPS."

By some kind of convoluted football coach logic, my nickname as the resident brainy kid among the scout team heroes on the high school football team was "Pi R," meaning that instead of paying attention to the plays, I was thinking about loftier things such as the formula for determining the area of a circle.

Even more strange, I was not the only Pi. One of the other players' dad's name was Pius. Sometimes when we would meet, I would say "hey, Pi," to which he would respond, "hey, Pi."

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