Sunday, March 13, 2005

Open government articles and editorials

From Robert Tanner of the AP: Across U.S., Citizens Fight for Records

From Rebecca Car of Cox News Service - New study shows open government at stake at state level

From the Bristol paper - How open is open?

From the Roanoke paper - Knowledge blooms in sunshine, not shadow

From the Richmond paper - Fishing for answers by reporter Gordon Hickey, Open Doors: American System Requires Sunshine by Professor Rod Smolla, Press Freedom: Shield Bill Would Ensure Sources' Confidentiality by Congressman Rick Boucher, Let the Sun Shine, and FOI: Honoring your right to know by Thomas Silvestri

From the Newport News paper - Healing sunshine

From the Charlottesville paper - Shedding light on public records

From the Lynchburg paper - Keeping all governments in the sunshine

From the Staunton paper - In Search of Sunshine and The Hall of Shame: Slamming the door on open government

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