Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Last night's debate on the radio

The Charlottesville paper has this article about the debate between the two candidates for the Republican nomination for Attorney General, broadcast on public radio and on the internet.

I heard most of it, here at the friendly confines, including the bit where a woman called up and asked if the candidates had ever been divorced, and then a second woman called up and asked Mr. Baril to answer the question posed by the earlier caller. Another caller asked whether Mr. McDonnell agreed with recent statements by Pat Robertson about activist judges being as bad as al Qaeda.

I don't know who was the winner, but it sounded to me like Mr. McDonnell had more fun with it. The questions (but for the ones described above) were mostly good, and the moderator did well with his follow-up questions. The answers were very detailed and mostly response, with occasional use of canned bits.

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