Thursday, May 05, 2005

The sort of crime that John Behan would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law

Here is a report on the rise of golf club theft.

I had a case years ago where my client was charged with stealing a car and stealing a set of golf clubs out of the car, on his birthday, as he and his buddy came upon the car parked outside of George and Sid's with the motor running. The victim was an investment counselor. The defense was that instead of being out stealing cars, my guy was celebrating his 20th birthday by drinking beer under the Hobo Bridge with his mother. ("What do you do on your birthday, ladies and gentlemen, do you go out looking for trouble - no, you spend time with your family. Some people eat German chocolate cake with their parents, some people drink beer with them.")

What I recall of the trial was that one fellow on the jury was glaring at us the whole time. The guy just hated us. I looked back at the list and studied his address. He lived about a block from George and Sid's. Uh-oh. We didn't have enough strikes to boot everyone we didn't like.

The other thing I recall about the trial was that I had co-counsel, who was a bit more flamboyant. He ranted, he raved, he paced, he waved his arms, and that was just when I went to see him in his office (and every time I've ever seen him since, and I'm always glad to see him). Afterwards, the judge commented on the contrasting styles. "It was interesting to watch," he said. "You were so much quieter, but you made some good points."

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