Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Last of the gang against public participation gets the boot from Bristol voters

Here is a link to Lewis Loflin's copy of the Bristol paper's article from September 2002, when a fraction of the Bristol Tennessee city council declared that they would seek $2.87 million in damages from the citizens who dared take an appeal in the Walmart zoning case. The article says: "The city's response to the appeal, filed Thursday by City Attorney Jack Hyder, asks the state Court of Appeals to find the appeal frivolous and to order a judgment equal to the sales and property taxes the development would generate this year."

In subsequent elections, the sub-group of councilpersons involved have been defeated at the polls, with the last two voted out yesterday. Last night, one of the losers declared here: "the voters always get what they deserve." And, so did he.

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