Saturday, June 04, 2005

Looking at the Republican LG candidate websites

With less than two weeks before the primary vote, it has occurred to me to actually study the Republican candidates for lieutenant governor, about whom I know just about nothing.

I've searched and can't find where it says that he has ever held a job, except for a link to this page. That's a minus. Also, he complains that Connaughton Begins Negative And Dishonest Tv Ads And Mail Program. Another minus for whining. He has many fine endorsements, including Senator Wampler, and several pages with his ideas, plus and plus. He has sort of a calendar of events, another plus. Using Soople, I found 11 Southwest Virginia references within Bill

The Sean Connaughton website does not really collect endorsements in one place, which is a minus. He says here that he has been endorsed by SW Virginia legal stalwarts Marcus McClung and Nick Compton, which is a plus with the Appalachian School of Law Republican alumni sector of the electorate (assuming there are more than two). His website is very detailed on his background and accomplishments but has only one page of ideas, which is a plus and a minus. Using Soople, I found 9 Southwest Virginia references within

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