Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Scott County electoral board backs Ms. Kilgore

Here in the Roanoke paper is an article that says the new members of the Scott County electoral board, with a majority by law being Democrats, have endorsed the good works of the country registrar of voters, Ms. Kilgore.

UPDATE: I don't know why I wrote "Republicans" earlier, sorry about that. The makeup of the electoral board is tied to the outcome of the last governor's election. Va. Code § 24.2-106 ("In the appointment of the electoral board, representation shall be given to each of the two political parties having the highest and next highest number of votes in the Commonwealth for Governor at the last preceding gubernatorial election. Two electoral board members shall be of the political party that cast the highest number of votes for Governor at that election.")

Perhaps I was having some kind of flashback to a hard-fought electoral board case from about 10 years ago.

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