Thursday, March 30, 2006

Funky kind of month

I was on the road a couple of days each week in March - including Clintwood, Grundy, Wise, Wytheville, Roanoke, Richmond, Lebanon, and tomorrow Norfolk.

Two of my clients were paid large sums of money in the month of March.

Our office received a six-page blank fax.

A paralegal in Roanoke sent me an e-mail asking if she could take off Wednesday afternoon. (I replied that it was fine with me.)

A Virginia lawyer called me asking for a referral for a Knoxville lawyer while I was working on a case referred to me in Virginia by a Knoxville lawyer. (Hmm, who do we know in Knoxville?)

There were snowball fights at the friendly neighborhood NASCAR race, and George Mason made the Final Four.

We got in at what was more like the end rather than the beginning of two cases.

I saw pictures of two of my clients on the Internet.

I saw a picture of Rick Boucher and his fiancee on Brian Patton's blog, then I saw pictures of Brian Patton in the newspapers.

The office started using the network in timekeeping, best thing since sliced bananas.

The best legal writing of the month was a three-page brief (ok, five pages, with the certificate of service).

I received instruction on how to avoid the Doo-Dah Parade.

Now, that's a funky kind of month. I'm kind of wishing there were a few more days of it.

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