Monday, July 03, 2006

I'll lose my union card over this

Luskin says here that the people (like me) who think Senator Stevens' account of the Internet is laughable are his "unscrupulous political opponents," as the advocates of that "left-wing horror known as 'Net Neutrality,'" and that Stevens was actually telling the straight scoop.

This could get me booted from the ODBA, if nothing else. Let's go all the way and point out the links here (via Instapundit) and here, with graphic illustrations of Senator Stevens' remarks. All this talk of "the tubes" reminds me that you can see videos of The Tubes and other '80's bands at this site - but don't all go there at once or the tubes will be clogged.

Here is the Slashdot discussion on the Ted Stevens' "Internet is not a truck" remarks.

UPDATE: Here's another "tubes" image at BoingBoing.

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