Monday, September 04, 2006

When the Fridge coached at William & Mary

The Washington Post has this delightful article about the year that the big man who coaches the Maryland Terrapins was an assistant at William & Mary for the 1980 season, in advance of Saturday's game between the two schools.

In part, the article says this:

"The team practiced on the grounds of Eastern State Hospital, whose claim to fame is its standing as the nation's first public facility for the mentally ill. During workouts, Laycock said it wasn't uncommon for some of the residents to wander by and lend their input during Tribe practice.

"I wouldn't tell some of our coaches" about the hospital, Laycock said. "They'd see some guy standing there and think they were alumni or something."

Friedgen remembers one regular visitor in particular.

"There was this guy that used to come to my drills with a hat on," Friedgen said. "And he used to say 'Stay low! Stay low!' I said to them, 'Listen to the guy; he's telling you the right stuff.' He was probably some old coach. That's how I'll be someday.""

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