Friday, January 12, 2007

Real estate prices gone up in the old neighborhood

The Hook reports here that the University is getting scalped in its purchases on or about Brandon Avenue. I lived on Brandon Avenue for a couple of years, it was pretty convenient to Cabell Hall, where about 90% of my classes were held, way back when - but not as convenient as it will be when they build that football-field sized terrace over Jefferson Park Avenue.

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CR UVa said...

I remember seeing the plans for such an addition a few years ago. The new Cabell and beyond looks like a beautiful and useful addition to the University of Virginia. It is a shame though that they have to spend so much just to demolish a few of the houses nearby.

Am I concerned that the University will not have the money? Not at all. It is amazing how much money UVa manages to bring in for all sorts of projects.