Thursday, January 04, 2007

What happens with local Republican legislators cannot agree on judgeship

Here it is reported that the juvenile court seat on the Eastern Shore is vacant and likely to remain so while the legislators fail to get it together:

ACCOMAC -- The Eastern Shore's Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court judge's position, which has been open since last year, likely will go unfilled again this year because of a stalemate, some predict.

The General Assembly, which appoints judges, will convene Jan. 10.

The process could go as it did last year, with the General Assembly unable to decide whether Accomac attorney Thomas B. Dix Jr. or Eastville attorney Croxton Gordon should be appointed.

Last year, Dix was nominated by the House and Gordon by the Senate. Nothing can be decided until both houses agree.

Del. Lynwood Lewis said he suspects the House and Senate will maintain their positions during this year's session.

"I've been in politics long enough to know nothing is surprising," he said. "It's unfortunate, but it's how the process works."

Sen. Nick Rerras said he again will nominate Gordon. Del. Leo Wardrup, Republican of Hampton Roads, last year nominated Dix.

Wardrup was out of town for the holidays and could not be contacted, a legislative aide said last week. Dix said last week that he expected to again be nominated.

Customarily, the candidate endorsed by the local delegation -- Rerras and Lewis -- is the one approved.

"We are going to start fresh again," Rerras said, "and I plan on resubmitting Croxton Gordon."

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