Saturday, January 06, 2007

Can Williamsburg find a place to house enough foreign workers for the Jamestown 2007 celebration?

In some kind of triple-reverse irony, the Daily Press reports here that the hotels in Williamsburg have asked for permission to house foreign college students they need to work the hotels, particularly in light of the upcoming Jamestown 400th anniversary, which is expected or hoped to be a boon to Colonial Williamsburg (which has been otherwise somewhat on the wane).

It seems like not to long ago we went to the Outer Banks and everyone working there who was not white Southerner was white Russian - Russian college girls working the cash registers, serving the drinks, taking delivery of our rented linen at the end of the week.

The upcoming meeting of The Virginia Bar Association later this month in Williamsburg includes a focus on immigration issues, including a session titled: "From Jamestown to Washington, D.C. — The Challenge of Immigration: What if the Native Americans Had Built a Wall?"

Some of the Virginia political bloggers have been taking sides on the proposal by some Virginia legislators that the General Assembly should in the upcoming session apologize for slavery. The timing of this proposal is said to be linked to the Jamestown anniversary, as the first colonial slaves were imported to Jamestown (albeit in 1619, not 1607). The history of those "20 and odd" persons of color continues to evolve.

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