Friday, July 13, 2007

Bad plan

The Roanoke paper reports here on the criminal case against a woman who decided to her boyfriend out by plotting to tamper with the car of the judge on his case, so the judge could not show up for court.

The article says in part:

"A woman who plotted to cut the brake lines on a judge's car was released from jail Thursday after several of the charges she faced were dropped.

. . .

At a preliminary hearing in January, a man testified that Dunford asked if he would help her find Showalter's Montgomery County home. After he pressed her, she admitted she wanted to cut his brake lines, he said.

Dunford's boyfriend, Christian Skye Crockett, was in jail on drug charges and Showalter wouldn't grant him bond. Dunford wanted to keep Showalter from showing up for court so another judge would hear Crockett's case, the man testified."

The trial judge in the girlfriend's case is retired Judge Quillen from the 30th Circuit.

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