Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On the late Lady Bird Johnson

When I was born, the President was Johnson and the First Lady was Lady Bird.

In 1965, while she was still First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson came to Abingdon, stayed at the Martha Washington Inn, and, as noted here, "bartered a potted plant for a ticket" to the Barter Theatre.

Or, so I've always heard. Actually, this version from Time Magazine says this:

"At Abingdon, the tourists attended the Barter Theater's performance of Julius Caesar, and the First Lady presented the theater's annual award to Presidential Arts Adviser Roger Stevens for his contributions as a Broadway producer. In keeping with the little theater's name, the group bargained its way past the box office: Lady Bird unwrapped another White House seedling, and Mrs. Humphrey brought a bucket of vegetables—'not to be thrown.'"

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