Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lawyers commenting on Judge Farmer

The Bristol paper had an article by the usually reliable Kathy Still on Monday, evidently not available online (but who knows? you can't find anything on that lousy website), quoting Southwest Virginia lawyers Jay Steele and Hugh O'Donnell on the merits of Judge John Farmer's performance as juvenile and domestic relations judge.

Mr. Steele's take was that Judge Farmer should never have been made a judge, but in his years on the bench had grown into the job and should not now be replaced - sort of an insult for everyone involved, then and now.

I had a federal court case with Judge Farmer, not long before he went on the bench, and I didn't like him, and complained to Roy Jessee who laughed and said he could see how there might be some friction between our differing ways of doing things, but then like the Buddha advised me that there are a lot of ways of being a lawyer and if I was smart I would watch the ones like Farmer who'd had some success and maybe learn something, notwithstanding our differences. Duly enlightened, I developed an appreciation for Farmer and told him so the last time we met.

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