Friday, February 08, 2008

Wow, that's lame

The Post fingers the Republicans for a show-down over the appointments of Justice Goodwyn and Judge Millette, both of whom were given interim appointments by Governor Kaine.

There's a quote in there where a Republican legislator says this: "We believe that we should have people that are philosophically associated with us who are judges." I would like to philosophically disassociate myself from his remarks - I don't understand Goodwyn or Millette to be particularly tuned into the Governor or either side in the legislature.

Back when Roberts and Alito were making their way up, I heard a pundit say "there's something to be said for hyperqualification." If merit counts, these were pretty fair choices by the Governor, and they ought to get to keep their jobs, and let the politicians dicker over the rest.

And, if that means no seat on the SCC for Barnie Day, I expect he can handle it.

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