Friday, April 11, 2003

Congressmen riled over chaos caused by Tractor Man

This Washington Times story describes the outcry of Congressmen over the greater than usual gridlock in the District of Columbia resulting from "Tractor Man's" occupation of the D.C. mall on a tractor. One congressman said "if a fender bender ... or a guy riding a tractor having a bad day can bring us to a stop, imagine what a terrorist can do."

Still unknown to me is the route Tractor Man took to get into the City - I can't imagine a tractor getting far on any of the main roads without being apprehended before it reached the Mall. (I never saw a tractor on the Roosevelt Bridge during my time in the City.) Also, around here, seeing a tobacco farmer on a tractor is not the worst thing, although they are becoming increasingly rare as tobacco subsidies wane.

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