Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Virginia SCC to other states - leave our cheap power alone

This Associated Press article elaborates on the rationale for Virginia's determination to prevent its power generators from joining a regional power grid. An SCC spokeman "said the Virginia commission wants to make sure participation doesn't allow other states to get electricity from Virginia power plants while Virginia customers run short, and that the organization's pricing practices don't raise rates. 'Virginia is traditionally a state with rates at or below the national average,' he added. 'Do we end up with a blended rate, rather than the rest of the market moving to the Virginia rate?'" A spokesman for one of the Virginia companies affected, AEP, denies that joining the regional system would harm Virginia consumers.

The other Virginia generator, Dominion Power, made news this week by appointing Susan Allen, the wife of Senator George Allen, to its board of directors, as reported here.

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