Saturday, April 12, 2003

Former Governor Holton on Republicans and taxes

From a speech delivered in the Dome Room of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia in 1999, transcribed here:

"It is my considered judgment too, based on the progress I have seen in Virginia since World War II, that the leadership of my Party today is, at both federal and state levels, overly obsessed to cut taxes. Virginia is not a high tax state. The benefits which tax increases have brought to Virginia since 1965 are enormous! Our citizens have recognized and appreciate these benefits. Mills Godwin isn't remembered for passing the sales tax; he is remembered - almost revered - for creating the community college system and enhancing creation of our world class system of higher education, neither of which could have been done without that tax. Jerry Baliles isn't remembered (by anyone except the editors of Richmond newspapers) for increasing taxes, but rather for meeting some of the transportation needs which have helped create the jobs which have resulted from our vibrant high tech economy. And I'll bet not 3 of 10 people in this room could tell you what tax I increased, but they all appreciate the swimable rivers throughout Virginia which my 1% increase in the state income tax paid for. Our citizens want the best and when they understand the opportunity, they're willing to pay for it! Taxes are the price we pay for civilization, and Virginia's modern tax increases have created a civilization that all Virginians are properly proud of."

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