Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Fourth Circuit remands transsexual's case back to W.D. Va.

In De'Lonta v. Angelone, the Fourth Circuit in an opinion by Chief Judge Wilkins joined by Judges Motz and King reversed the dismissal for failure to state a claim of an inmate's lawsuit for medical care, where the inmate's hormone treatment was discontinued, causing her to develop "an uncontrollable urge to mutilate her genitals." The AP has this report on the case, which will now go back before Judge James Turk of the W.D. Va.

I have to laugh thinking about Judge Turk and this case. My guess is that Judge Turk if he ever meets this plaintiff will do for her the same he would do for me or anyone else he meets, offer a handshake and say "it's good to see you." There ought to be a book about Judge Turk, a delightful man.

UPDATE - here's the Roanoke Times' take on the story.

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