Sunday, May 25, 2003

Women's football in Southwest Virginia

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has this report on the Lee County Predators, a woman's football team in Southwest Virginia now playing its second season. The players are described like this:

"Among the more than two dozen players are several students and a number of teachers. One is a corrections officer, another works in juvenile probation. Others paint houses, work at fitness centers or operate their own businesses. Most are mothers, including the quarterback, a bar waitress with two children who played the first season only months after giving birth, and a florist who toils at offensive guard and has seven kids - three who are adopted and four who are foster children.

Some . . . have tattoos, others wear mascara beneath their helmets and at least three ride Harleys. But it's OK; the motorcyclists are all over 40, including Carlene Sanders, a fifth-grade teacher at Jonesville Middle School, who at 56 is the eldest of the players and the bikers."

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