Saturday, May 31, 2003

Possible sanctions for adultery in West Virginia: $20 fine - and impeachment

In West Virginia, adultery is a criminal offense subject to a $20 - and is one of the statutorily-defined examples of "incompetence" that can be grounds for impeachment of an officer of the state, according to this report, reflecting on the marital woes of the state's governor.

W. Va. Code section 6-6-1 says, among other things, that "The term 'incompetence,' as used in this article, shall include the wasting or misappropriation of public funds by any officer, habitual drunkenness, habitual addiction to the use of narcotic drugs, adultery, neglect of duty, or gross immorality, on the part of any officer." Section 6-6-3 says "Any officer of the state or any judge may be impeached and removed from office for maladministration, corruption, incompetency, gross immorality, neglect of duty, or any high crime or misdemeanor, in the manner prescribed in section nine of article four of the constitution of this state."

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